Sage 500

Streamline Your Enterprise

Designed for large enterprise, Sage 500 ERP offers a robust, scalable, customizable enterprise management system to take your growing company to the next level. Sage ERP 500 streamlines operations and provides the business insights that enable you to run your company the way you want to – all with a low cost of ownership and high ROI.

Because Arris Consulting is a Sage Authorized Partner, you benefit from the intersection of our Sage expertise with our industry experience. So the tools we build fit your business – not the other way around.

Key Business Benefits

  • Offers robust, usable, advanced financial reporting and real-time analysis capabilities for all core accounting and enterprise requirements
  • Supports proactive decision-making with real-time business insights and tracking
  • Provides flexible, integrated manufacturing capabilities to meet diverse business requirements
  • Connects warehouse and inventory management data to ERP data for efficiency and investment optimization

Selected Features

Accounting and financials
  • Integrated core financial accounting software
  • GAAP compliant
  • Easily-customizable modulesand more
Sales management
  • Integrated functionality simplifies and streamlines entire sales process
  • Flexible pricing options and sales tax calculations
  • Analyze and monitor sales orders and transactions, shipment information, customer returns, etc.
  • Sage Payment Solutions enhance customer experience and increase customer satisfactionand more
Supply chain management
  • Set up landed costs and create POs automatically, based on inventory requirements
  • Create suggested POs, work orders, and transfer orders with easy-to-use planning screen
  • Maximize inventory control and profits with demand forecastingand more
Distribution management
  • Inventory management and replenishment minimizes shortages and overstocks
  • Create pre-assembled kits ordered from stock or customized kits built to order
  • Warehouse management maximizes distribution efficienciesand more
Business intelligence and reporting
  • Integrate core financial accounting software
  • Respond to market changes with full suite of integrated business intelligence tools
  • Simplify and accelerate data distribution across your organization to inform decision making…and more

We provide comprehensive support in software solution implementation, software consulting, software training, or a business process review to make sure your business runs smoothly every day.

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EVS for Process Manufacturers

Escape Velocity 02 products enhance Sage 500 ERP for process manufacturing.