BatchMaster Enterprise

Power Your Process Manufacturing

BatchMaster ERP boasts worldwide recognition as a leading ERP for formula-based manufacturing and distribution. BatchMaster offers a formula management and manufacturing system that works with your choice of accounting platform — such as Sage 300 Financials — to provide powerful control over your process manufacturing business.

In addition to enhancing formula, inventory, and production management, BatchMaster provides sales and customer request tracking that provide you with insights into product trends and discrete sample management modules that allow your product development team to focus on creating new products.

Key Business Benefits

  • Allows multiple packaging sizes from a single batch
  • Provides comprehensive lot traceability with built-in lot recall
  • Offers scalable batch sizing to meet customer needs
  • Delivers flexible, secure, cost-effective formula management

Selected Features

In addition to the financial, project and product data management capabilities you expect from an ERP, Epicor also offers:

Formulation management
  • Perform cost-based formula approval and bills of materials
  • Compare costs of finished goods in different packaging configurations
  • Analyze for expected vs actual costs of finished goods
  • Dynamically readjust batch formulas…and more
Inventory management
  • Perform periodic inventory checks and inventory reservations for specific batch jobs
  • Initiate, execute, and record inventory movements and adjustments, including warehouse transfers
  • Maintain expiration dates (i.e. FIFO, LIFO and FEFO)
  • Auto generate lot numbers
  • Adjust or convert industry-specific variable properties and units of measures
  • Track and trace lot-controlled inventory through production…and more
Production management
  • Production planning and scheduling for variable ranges
  • Perform “what if” analyses, as well as demand-to-supply and supply-to-demand pegging
  • Link dependent batch jobs and dynamically size, schedule, prioritize and expedite batch jobs
  • Auto generate lot numbers for intermediates and finished goods
  • Rework intermediates and finished goods during production…and more
Quality control
  • Define QC test values and generate separate QC test documents
  • Mandate the execution of QC tasks in receiving and production
  • Capture QC tests via mobile and analyze test results
  • Generate customized Certificates of Analysis (CoA)…and more
Regulatory compliance
  • Alert product developers that a given formula’s ingredients exceed industry established percentages or recommended daily intake levels
  • Support allergen, organic, Kosher, Halal and other industry specific types
  • Generate  and personalize product labels, certificates of analysis and lot traceability reports
  • Support regulatory requirements, including GMP, FDA, SARA, SDS, and INCI
  • Capture, auto-generate and track Lot Controlled Inventory from receiving through production to shipping
  • Maintain change records for all formula, bills of material and batch jobs…and more

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