Consulting and Implementation

Expert Guidance and Enterprise Software

Our solutions fit because we build them alongside you

At Arris Consulting, we’re knowledgeable business advisors first, technologists second.

Yes, we bring expertise in ERP systems to your engagement, but we also bring deep industry experience and a commitment to service excellence. We know that any successful technology implementation begins with understanding our customers’ businesses, inside and out. We also know that while we’re experts at what we do, so are you at what you do. Our experts and yours will work together to build the best solution for your company’s needs.

Which means we don’t just transfer knowledge at the end of the engagement.
We maintain a partnership of ongoing, supportive knowledge cultivation.

The Arris Consulting Engagement Approach


Pre-Engagement Collaboration

Before we commit, we work with you to ensure we’re a good fit and that we can meet or exceed your needs.


Needs Analysis

We listen. We watch. We ask questions. Then we map our findings to your needs, goals and performance measures.


Solution Model

We build a model to help us test our design assumptions. We help you imagine using the system. Then we refine.


Pilot Run

We put your experts to work, testing the system and practicing the skills they’ve been learning with real-world data.


Build & Deploy

Using what we’ve learned from the model and pilot, we tweak processes, build out a detailed configuration and deploy.

Supportive Partnering

We believe in follow-through and on-going support — because that’s what makes a partnership strong.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Epicor ERP

Robust enough for large enterprises. Modular for tailored flexibility.

Sage 300

Accuracy. Agility.
Visibility. Mobility.
For small and medium companies.


Competitive edge:
Our ERP. Your financials platform.

Sage 500

Flexible, Customizable. Scalable.
The power to grow your business.