A Powerful Formula for Process Manufacturing

You need a scalable recipe for profitable yields

You need the ability to perform to consistently high standards, with the flexibility to respond to emerging shifts in formulations and customer requirements — while still meeting tightening regulatory mandates and staying profitable. Yours is a demanding and dynamic environment, and you need a solution that will flex and move with your business.

Arris Consulting’s business solutions and software options support process manufacturers across a variety of industries. We begin with a needs analysis so we can help you select a software tool that will seamlessly integrate all your transactions, inventory management, warehousing, order management, customer service, and financial management. We work with you to create systems that increase productivity and efficiency for production planning and scheduling, multilevel formulations, and scalable batches. We apply our industry experience to our software expertise to develop solutions that will optimize the complexities of your process manufacturing operations.

And, because we build your solution alongside you, working with your in-house experts to craft the tools to fit your business, your system will speak your language, allowing you to manage every aspect of your business, such as:

Nimble Formula Management

  • Batch and formula management and tracking change histories
  • Revision control for multiple levels of complexity across sample and production lines
  • Securely manage recipes/formulas
  • Define QC ranges and capture data

Precise Inventory Management

  • Manage inventories with expiration dates including by-products
  • Track lots with full recall and traceability
  • Grade specific lots and track physical properties and attributes
  • Control inventory to reduce costs while meeting customer demand

Flexible Batch Manufacturing

  • Manage raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP), and finished goods inventories
  • Make automatic unit of measure adjustments
  • Respond to changes in customer specifications
  • Dynamically size production batches to meet customer demand
  • Avoid losses with real-time notifications

Targeted Business Intelligence

  • Monitor standard and user defined key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Provide advanced reporting to gain strategic insights into where to take your business next
  • Consolidate data into a shared system and make it visible when and where it’s needed
  • Track costing to production

Tight Quality Control

  • Support customer-specific QC requirements
  • Define batch test values
  • Mandate test execution and generate test documents
  • Capture test data and analyze results
  • Generate customized Certificates of Analysis

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

  • Support chemical-related labeling and reporting requirements, such as SDS, SARA, OSHA, INCI and more
  • Support food-related labeling and reporting requirements, including GMP, FDA and GFSA and more
  • Generate customized product labeling, certificates of analysis (CoA), and traceability reports