Run Discrete Manufacturing Like Clockwork

Your business is more than the sum of its parts

When people outside your industry refer to their business complexities as “a lot of moving parts,” they don’t know the half of it. Engineering changes, production bottlenecks, workflow inefficiencies, supply chain hiccups, inventory data… There’s a lot to manage if you’re going to deliver on time and on budget. You don’t need a software vendor; you need an implementation partner.

At Arris Consulting, we work alongside repetitive and engineer-to-order manufacturers to design and implement solutions that generate purchase requisitions, set tentative production schedules, and have real-time alerts and notifications to create the material plan necessary to fulfill customer demand efficiently.

We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your business before we recommend software or technologies. We take the time to ensure your solution is tailored to your business context and to understand what kind of training and support will get your team up and running as though they were old hands.

And, because we build your solution alongside you, leveraging your in-house expertise, your system will be crafted to manage every aspect of your manufacturing including:

Precise Inventory Management

  • Accurately forecast parts requirements
  • Manage raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP), and finished goods inventories
  • Manage inventory at optimal levels with real-time updates
  • Track purchased or manufactured items by lot or serial number with instant forward/backward search capabilities

Effective Job Management

  • Efficiently plan and schedule equipment and labor hours
  • Efficiently plan purchase and production orders
  • Integrate, control and authenticate Engineering changes with real-time notifications
  • Accurately generate lead-time calculations and estimates
  • Closely manage the costing of each production run

Streamlined Workflow Optimization

  • Manage cost for multi-stage assemblies
  • Adjust machine setup and routing to optimize performance on every job
  • Identify production bottlenecks in time to make adjustments
  • Tighten delivery schedules to keep customers happy

Targeted Business Intelligence

  • Monitor standard and user defined key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Obtain analytics to gain insight into which jobs are profitable — and which require reevaluation
  • Consolidate data into a shared system and make it visible when and where it’s needed
  • Provide advanced reporting to gain strategic insights into where to take your business next

Engineer to Order

  • Smoothly integrate Engineering into the quoting process for hand-off to production
  • Leverage embedded workflow and approval processes
  • Template engineering for “same-as-except” opportunities

Configure to Order

  • Create rules-based, repeatable product configurations
  • Streamline methods of manufacture and work order creation
  • Reduce lead-times and optimize engineering time with embedded configuration