We look forward to working together

We’re Arris Consulting

When your foundation is strong, you build on it. But you don’t let that foundation limit your growth – you adapt and evolve as new technologies emerge and market demands shift, adding to your foundation with new skills, new offerings, and new team members.

Our customers have evolved over time, and we’ve evolved alongside them so we can continue not only to meet their immediate needs but to strategically help them stay ahead of business and technology advances.

Arris Consulting has a deep-rooted history of serving clients in the Great Lakes region. But we also have an adaptable team who keeps current, even as they meet you right where you are today.

Our History

Founded in 1985 as an accounting firm named “Marshall & Poe,” our business built its reputation serving clients across northern Indiana and southern Michigan. As we deepened our relationships with our clients, we soon saw new ways of applying what we learned about their businesses with strategic enterprise software consulting. Then, in 2000, our firm decided to no longer offer accountancy services in favor of building our rapidly-growing consulting business.

As a company, we worked hard to hone our consulting experience and expertise. We were well on our way to building a new name for ourselves — but using the old name for our business.

In 2016, we decided it was time to draw a clear line between the business we’d founded and the one we’d become. We wanted our brand to reflect what we strive to bring to our customers: a stable, dependable business partnership grounded in collaboration and trust.

We chose the name Arris Consulting because it represents the intersection where two forces join to strengthen the whole: Your expertise and ours, working together to build the solutions that will make your business stronger.